Stainless steel drain channels horizontal outlet


Heavy industrial duty.
Factory halls, workshops, production areas, meat processing, fish processing, bakeries, breweries

Class B125 Heavy duty up to 12500kg.
Class C250 Heavy duty up to 25000kg.
Class D400 Heavy duty up to 40000kg.
Class E600 Heavy duty up to 60000kg.

The strips of the mesh gratings are welded both from above and below so that tilting of the strips is prevented.


Drainage channel horizontal outlet TYGFlat drainage channels with middle outlet model TYG


Drainage channel horizontal outlet TKYG Drain channels, outlet on one side
model TKYG


Drainage channel horizontal outlet TKYGP Drainage channel without siphon,
model TKYGP



Drainage channel horizontal outlet TOYGDrain channels from with middle outlet,
model TOYG


Stainless Steel Drainage Channels for the Food and Drink Industry.Stainless steel drainage channels for the food and drink industry.


Facilities for production and processing of:

- Meat processing and meat products
- Dairy products
- Fish and seafood
- Poultry and eggs
- Frozen products
- Water, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks
- Bread and flour products
- Preserves
- Chocolate and candy
- Medicines
- Foods
- Chemical products


Drain channels with horizontal outlet are used on the ground floor and basement floors where underneath the location where they are used there is no other floor as well as places where the waste water pipes must be installed horizontally despite being on a higher floor.
If the drainage channels with horizontal outlet are used on a higher level and water insulation is applied, the Fenicrom® "drain-box" that has the properties to guarantee the water insulation can be used at the point where the waste water pipe goes to the floor below. This prevents water from seeping into the underlying floor



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