Stainless steel drain channel vertical outlet


Heavy industrial duty.
Vertical outlet.

Factory halls, workshops, production areas, meat processing, fish processing, bakeries, breweries

Class B125. Heavy duty up to 12500kg.
Class C250. Heavy duty up to 25000kg.
Class D400. Heavy duty up to 40000kg.
Class E600. Heavy duty up to 60000kg.

The slats of the grilles are welded both from above and below so that tilting of the slats is excluded.


STAINLESS STEEL DRAIN MODEL TAG Flat drainage channels in one piece with middle outlet
model TAG


STAINLESS STEEL DRAIN TKAG Drain channels in one piece, outlet on one side
model TKAG


STAINLESS STEEL DRAIN TOAGStainless steel drainage channel with middle outlet
model TOAG



Gooting system heavy verticalDrain system heavy duty vertical outlet




Facilities for production and processing of:

- Meat processing and meat products
- Dairy products
- Fish and seafood
- Poultry and eggs
- Frozen products
- Water, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks
- Bread and flour products
- Preserves
- Chocolate and candy
- Medicines
- Foods
- Chemical products


Drain gutters with a vertical outlet are suitable for higher floors where the dirty water can be collected in the ceiling of a lower floor. Because of cracks that can occur gradually in the joints or the surroundings of the drain, it is possible that some water seeps into the lower floor. In situations that occur at all times should be water in the lower floor, it is recommended to use insulated models with vertical outlet.