Isolated stainless steel drain channel horizontal outlet


Heavy industrial duty.
Horizontal outlet.

Factory halls, workshops, production areas, meat processing, fish processing, bakeries, breweries

Class B125. Heavy duty up to 12500kg.
Class C250. Heavy duty up to 25000 kg.
Class D400. Heavy duty up to 40000kg.
Class E600. Heavy duty up to 60000kg.

The slats of the grilles are welded both from above and below so that tilting of the slats is excluded.

Isolated drain channel light industrial horizontal outlet YDK23Flat isolated drain channels in one piece with middle
outlet model YDK

 Gootopstelling geïsoleerd, horizontale utloopGutter set-up appropriate to the project to
place appliances

Isolated drain channel light industrial horizontal outlet YDK29Drain channels in one piece, outlet on one side
model YDK29





Facilities for production and processing of:

- Meat processing and meat products
- Dairy products
- Fish and seafood
- Poultry and eggs
- Frozen products
- Water, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks
- Bread and flour products
- Preserves
- Chocolate and candy
- Medicines
- Foods

Chemical products



The isolated drainage channels with horizontal outlet are used in places where the waste water installation must be installed horizontally and in the ground, despite being on a higher level but at the same time imperative to prevent water from seeping into that lower level. As a result of cracks that occur gradually in joints at some point of the floor covering or in the vicinity of the drainage channels, water can seep into the concrete from the ground. The seeping water collects on the insulation layer and flows to the lower floor at the weak point of the insulation. If an insulated drain with horizontal outlet is used, the water that seeps through to the insulation layer is guided to the dirty water pipe thanks to the structure of the drain. In this way, water can certainly not seep into the lower floor.