Stainless steel slot drains


Sleufgoot YTP OG k
Stainless steel slot channels,
round profile with collar
RVS Sleufgoot TMP 3G k
Stainless steel slot channels,
standard profile with collar
Sleufgoot SPK YG k
Stainless steel slot channels,
standard profile with edge padding


-Cooling cells -Pools -Cozy changing and shower rooms -Laboratories -Production of food and beverages

- Stainless steel slotted gutters and round ducts with a round profile (type slot drain) with a maximum length of 4000 mm can be connected to one another via one or more drainage pits.
- Stainless steel slot channels can be connected to each other by means of flanges with gaskets.
With this, the watertight drainage system can be made to any desired length. Our stainless steel trenches and liners form an ideal drainage for wet areas where water must be collected. 

Our trench channels are visible in all corners for inspection and cleaning. This enables a quick cleaning of the trench channel. Our trench channel and liner is supplied in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L.

The trench channel is delivered in different heights. The reduction percentage of the stainless steel trench is calculated by us at 0.6%. If necessary, the slope percentage of the trench channel can be adjusted to any desired situation.