Slot channel modular systems with inner width
65 mm type SPK



SPK KAG KYG 400 multi
SPK LAG LYG 230 multi
SPK OAG OYG 230 multi
Spout on one side descending on spout.
Drainage pit with odor trap
Spout descending from an angle at the spout.
Drainage pit with odor trap.
Center drain descending to the spout.
Drainage pit with odor trap.
SPK 3AG 3YG 230 multi
SPK 3AG 3YG 400 midden
SPK KA2G 8 KY2G 8 400 multi
T-shaped drains
center drain - descending to the drain.
Drainage pit with odor trap.
Two or more drains
with odor lock each from point
descend to the drain.




- With a drain with a minimum depth of 65 mm and a maximum depth of 200 mm, it is possible to build a continuous continuous waste water drainage system with a maximum length of 18000 mm, with a constant slope of 0.6% towards the drain.
- The trenches can be made to the desired dimensions, provided that they meet the slope, minimum and maximum depth.
- By reducing the slope of the drain, it is possible to construct a trench up to a maximum length of 70.00 meters.
- By using several drainage pits, it is possible to construct a trench of several meters.
- A reinforcement has been applied to the upper surface of the trench with a mutual distance of 500 mm.
- The slot drain is provided on both sides with adjustable feet and anchorage strips with a mutual distance of 500 mm. This allows the trench to be attached to a concrete surface and adjusted in height.
- The trench with a plate thickness of 2.00 mm is provided with a flange of 5.00 mm. This is provided with a gasket and is attached with bolt and nut. The bolt and nut are made of 18/8 Cr / NI (AISI 304 quality).

- On request, this drain system can be made of stainless steel AISI 316 quality.
- A PVC or stainless steel filler profile can be used to simplify assembly and to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the upper profile.




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