Modular stainless steel drain channels type END-MULTI


With two or more sinks with siphon and descending from each point to the drain.

Normal industrial duty.

Application with continuous waste water drainage systems, each gutter can be connected to one another via one or more spout trays.

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Examples coupled drainage channels with 2 drainage gullies


END KA2G 1 KY2G 1 250 multi
END KA2G 2 KY2G 2 250 multi
END KA2G 4 KY2G 4 250 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-1-KY2G-1
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-2-KY2G-2
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-4-KY2G-4
END KA2G 3 KA2G 3 250 multi
END KA2G 5 KY2G 5 250 multi
END KA2G 6 KY2G 6 250 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-3-KY2G-3
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-5-KY2G-5
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-6-KY2G-6
END KA2G 7 KY2G 7 300 multi
END KA2G 8 KY2G 8 300 multi
END KA2G 9 KY2G 9 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-7-KY2G-7
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-8-KY2G-8
Stainless steel channel END-KA2G-9-KY2G-9


Examples coupled drainage channels with 3 drainage gullies
END KA3G 1 KY3G 1 300 multi
END KA3G 2 KY3G 2 300 multi
END KA3G 3 KY3G 3 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-1-KY3G-1 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-2-KY3G-2 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-3-KY3G-3
END KA3G 4 KY3G 4 300 multi
END KA3G 5 KY3G 5 300 multi
END KA3G 6 KY3G 6 300 multi
 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-4-KY3G-4  Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-5-KY3G-5 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-6-KY3G-6 
END KA3G 7 KY3G 7 300 multi
END KA3G 8 KY3G 8 300 multi
END KA3G 9 KY3G 9 300 mullti
 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-7-KY3G-7 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-8-KY3G-8 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-9-KY3G-9
END KA3G 10 KY3G 10 300 multi
END KA3G 11 KY3G 11 300 multi
END KA3G 12 KY3G 12 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-10-KY3G-10 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-11-KY3G-11 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-12-KY3G-12
END KA3G 13 KY3G 13 300 multi
END KA3G 14 KY3G 14 300 multi
END KA3G 15 KY3G 15 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-13-KY3G-13 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-14-KY3G-14  Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-15-KY3G-15 
END KA3G 16 KY3G 16 300 multi
END KA3G 17 KY3G 17 300 multi
END KA3G 18 KY3G 18 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-16-KY3G-16 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-17-KY3G-17  Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-18-KY3G-18  
END KA3G 19 KY3G 19 300 multi
END KA3G 20 KY3G 20 300 multi
END KA3G 21 KY3G 21 300 multi
Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-19-KY3G-19 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-20-KY3G-20 Stainless steel channel END-KA3G-21-KY3G-21





Sediment baskets


- The continuous waste water drainage systems can be connected to each other by means of flanges fitted with gaskets. With this, the watertight drainage system can be made to the desired length.

Type 1: grid channel with channel width 135 mm, grid width 99 mm
Type 2: grid channel with channel width 150 mm, grid width 114 mm
Type 3: grid channel with channel width 175 mm, grid width 139 mm
Type 4: grid channel with channel width 200 mm, grid width 164 mm
Type 5: grid channel with channel width 250 mm, grid width 214 mm

With a grid channel with a minimum depth of 55 mm and a maximum depth of 200 mm, it is possible to build a continuous - continuous waste water drainage system with a maximum length of 18000 mm, with a constant slope of 0.6% towards the outlet.

The continuous waste water drainage systems can be made to desired dimensions, provided that they meet slope, minimum and maximum depth.

- By reducing the slope of the drain, it is possible to construct a waste water system up to a maximum length of 70.00 meters.
- By using multiple spouts, it is possible to construct a drainage system of several meters.
- The drainage gutter is provided on both sides with adjustable feet and anchorage strips with a mutual distance of 500 mm. This allows the drainage gutter to be attached to a concrete surface and adjusted in height.
- The drainage gutter with a plate thickness of 2.00 mm is provided with a flange of 5.00 mm. This is provided with a gasket and is attached with bolt and nut. The bolt and nut are made of 18/8 Cr / NI (AISI 304 quality).

- On request this grid channel system can be made of stainless steel AISI 316 quality.
- To simplify assembly and to increase the load-bearing capacity of the upper profile, a stainless steel filling profile can be used




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