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We are Fenicrom® - RVS Afvoergoten B.V.

RVS afvoergoten BV produces and supplies high-quality stainless steel products of the brand Fenicrom® for applications in the food and beverage industry, breweries, swimming pools, catering, hotel industry, industrial kitchens. Also for applications in the non-residential buildings, chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Our program includes the following products: stainless steel drains, stainless steel drainage channels, stainless steel grids, stainless steel grease separators, stainless steel modular floor channels, stainless steel shower drains, stainless steel skirting boards and collision protection, etc.

Our company distinguishes itself by:

  • Specialization in drainage systems and industrial equipment from stainless steel
  • High quality in AISI 304 or 316
  • Wide standard range
  • Project and customization
  • Creativity and expertise in developing new products
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Outstanding service
  • Assembly and installation by our own team