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Stainless steel modular channel

  • The height of the floor structure determines the choice for the type of outlet. A vertical outlet is generally preferred, but a horizontal outlet is an alternative for a shallow floor construction.
  • The choice of single or double anchoring depends on the floor material. For drains and gullies in concrete floors, Fenicrom® has designed a special flange for double anchoring, to prevent cracking and leakage along the drain or gutter edge.
  • If you have to install on an upper floor, an insulated drain or gutter is chosen, these are always with a vertical drain.
  • The degree of dirt collection in combination with the height of the floor structure determines the choice of model.
  • For modular channels with a width from 230 mm and in case of heavy load a width as from 250 mm, the gully is integrated, so that the gully and the gutter have the same width.